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At Capri Electronics, we can serve you in person in store but we can also serve you in the comfort of your home. The choice is yours; come see us in store of we will come and see you! You can bring your TV directly at one of our two stores in Montreal or in Brossard. Our technicians will take care of your electronics devices as soon as they arrive in our workshop.

In order to carry out an adequate repair, our technicians will make a complete diagnosis before starting anything, while explaining you all of the process. We work hard to find the perfect solution to any kind of problem with your TV. We take care of every details and that’s one of the reason of our success over the years. You don’t have the time to come in our store or you simply can’t leave your house ? You can count on our at-home repairing service. Call us at least 24h our in advanced so we can schedule a appointment that best suits your needs. You can trust on Capri Electronics for all your needs in electronics repair.

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Capri Electronics is able to solve any problem that may occur to your television; whether it is a problem related to the image, the screen, the sound or even the remote control, you can count on the expertise of our in-store staff. You can trust us with your television, whatever its brand, its type of screen (LCD, LED, etc.) and its size (inches). All brands are welcome: Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Thomson, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, Grandin, etc. After the repair, we will also provide you with advices on the recommissioning of your device and on the best ways to extend its life. We will fix your TV in the best delay possible, without compromising the quality of the service offered and the repair made.

Efficiency and professionalism are our watchwords at Capri Electronics. Even though the arrival of new technologies brings new challenges, Capri Electronics relies on a team of experts in the field, with more than 50 years of experience. We are proud of being updated on the new trends and new ways of working. With the arrival of Smart TVs, we are entitled to modern TVs with built-in Internet connection. Now, in addition of having access to interactive media from your cell phone, you can do it from your television. You can also enjoy multimedia streaming, access to content stored on a USB key, TV on demand, etc. If you have troubles with anything, know that the team of Capri Electronics are there for you. Our job is to make all electronic devices functional, whether they’re defective, broken or out of order.

Authorized compagnies

We have the chance to work with in collaboration with Centre Hi-Fi, Brick and Costco to provide you the best electronic repair on the market.

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