A team of well trained technicians

Self repairing a microwave can be something dangerous. What’s best is to call in specialists for a safe and proper repair. Capri Electronic puts at your service the knowledge and the expertise of their employees at both of our stores in Montreal and Brossard.

We ensure that our team of technicians are certified by authorized companies so we can guarantee high quality work. Extend the lifespan of your electronics by relying on the expertise of Capri Electronics.

Help my microwave is crazy!

Here’s a list of some of the common problems we have to deal with in our workshop and how to detect them. However, we advise you to always leave it to a team of certified professionals and don’t improvise yourself as a repairman...

The microwave screen no longer
displays anything or refuses to start

Before running to the nearest store to buy a new microwave, take a few minutes to check the following: Have you checked the circuit breaker or fuses for the electrical input? Did you double-check if the device was really plugged in? Is the door properly closed? Your problem can be as simple as that. If, however, the problem persists, the control or display system may be defective. Contact one of our technicians and we will take care of the problem.

The microwave display
shows an error code

The first step is consulting your microwave user’s guide: you can find most error codes in it and can be fix in no time. You can’t find the guide? Perhaps there is an web version on the manufacturer’s website. The model you own no longer exists? The error code does not appear in the manual? Get an appointment with our team of specialists. It may be a bigger problem that requires more advanced knowledge.

The microwave does not heat up
at all or heats very badly

If your microwave is not heating properly, it may be a simple problem … Have you typed the cooking time right? Is the door properly closed? Microwaves are equipped with thermal safety devices and electronic sensors that make the power and heat vary. Sometimes these sensors are used, malfunctioning or “misaligned”.

Microwave overheats and
blows the breakers

In order to function properly, microwaves require an independent circuit with a minimum power of 15 amperes. A microwave that overheats can be caused by a weak electrical circuit, or the circuit is overused by too many electronic devices. It’s also possible that the high power system is defective. In this case, let professionals check your microwave. We will analyze your problem properly in order to properly repair your device.

The microwave makes some
strange and unpleasant noises

There may be numerous causes that may cause strange noises from your microwave: the system that operates the turntable may be poorly assembled, the internal cooling system or the wave power system may be defective, or the fans may be filled with dust. If the noise persists, visit our store and we will find the solution to your problem.

Authorized companies

We have the chance to work with in collaboration with Centre Hi-Fi, Brick and Costco to provide you the best electronic repair on the market.

For a quick service
by real experts in electronics.