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Entrust the refurbishment of your camera to our company specialized in electronic device repair. We guarantee a efficient repair, while ensuring the proper functioning of all parts of your camera. We have the patience and the right tools to repair any kind of problem on any kind of camera. By being the experts in new technology, our company will take care of everything little problem your camera might encounter.

Bad connection of the memory card? We have the solution for you ; by disassembling and replacing the connector, your device will have a second life. Damaged lens or gummed diaphragm? Our technicians can review and solve your problems efficiently. Even with a broken screen, we can still replace it with another one so that you can continue using your camera.

The solution to your problems

The lens is blocked or cracked, the power box frequently stops working, the diaphragm is stuck, the focus no longer works, etc. Several problems can occur while using a camera. No device is immune from any inconvenience! However, at Capri Electronics, we can provide you with the right kind of repairs that are adapted to the type, model and brand of your camera.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as a thorough cleaning: you would be surprised to see the amount of dust and dirt that we can find inside the devices! We proceed by a disassembly of every components, then we make sure to clean it piece by piece, very thoroughly. We then reassemble by making sure each part is aligned, functional and in good condition.

Broken screen ?

Whether it’s an economical compact or a professional digital camera, we can repair your device. It also works for new technologies. Nowadays, the majority of optical devices are equipped with LCD screens; that’s why we are perfecting our techniques and we are keep ourselves up to date.

We own a variety of parts from different brands and we will take care of your camera repair.

You’re thinking of a DIY repair ?

This will likely to turn into a nightmare … Event if it’s easy to disassemble a device, it’s a thousand times more difficult to reassemble it properly. It requires patience, expert mastery of techniques and knowledge of the device in question, in addition of having the right tools. Don’t take any risks; leave your repair to the professionals.

Having your camera repaired can be an investment; this allows you to extend the lifespan of your devices, while reducing the cost of further purchases and limiting over-consumption. By reaching out to professionals such as Capri Électronique, you are giving a second life to your electronics.

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