Give your amplifier a second life

Whether it’s a typical power failure or filtering capacitor problems, we’ll be able to make your device functional again. We are fortunate to have a direct contact with the world’s largest electronics companies.

This partnership allows us to have access to a wide range of high quality parts from all brands. The type of device doesn’t mind; we will find you the replacement parts and thus make the necessary repair.

Common problems encountered

Over the years, we have developed an unmatched expertise and a vast knowledge of all the new techniques and technologies. We have seen a lot of broken or defective amplifiers! We are therefore able to return your device like new, and this, as soon as possible and at a reasonable price. There are, however, typical and easily recognizable failures and how to detect them. You know what to do once the failure is identified; visit our team of professionals and we will take care of your problem.

Weird humming noises

Do you have the impression that a group of fly keeps spinning around you as soon as you turn on your amplifier? This is a quite typical problem. Contact us and we will gladly solve your problem.

Intermittent spitting

Your amplifier just started spitting intermittently? There is a good chance that it’s caused by the chemical capacitors; whether they are in bad condition or covered with dust, we will take care of them. Another potential source of spitting from your amplifier is the poor connection between the connectors or switches. Once in a while, remember to do a quick condition checkup of your device by our staff.

Overheating or short-circuit

If your amplifier is starting to overheat, it may be due to an internal short circuit. In some other cases and depending on the amplifier’s model, it can also be caused by the fuse quality. Let professionals such as those at Capri Electronics take care of it.

Two stores to help you

Whether it’s from one of our two branches (in Montreal or Brossard), Capri Electronics ensures high quality work at reasonable prices. Trust our expertise for repairing all of your electronics!

By choosing Capri Electronics, you are guarantee of personalized service in terms of repairing electronic devices such as amplifiers, cameras, televisions and more. Don’t wait and you can benefits from our 50 years of experience! We offer our services to both professionals and amateurs; do not be afraid and visit us!

Authorized compagnies

We have the chance to work with in collaboration with Centre Hi-Fi, Brick and Costco to provide you the best electronic repair on the market.

For a quick service
by real experts in electronics.